Clinical Diagnostics Division

Liofilchem S.R., Italy

Microbial identification and susceptibility testing systems, MIC Test Strip, antibiotic discs in cartridges, dehydrated culture media, selective supplements, ready to use culture media in petri dish, tube, bottle and dip-slide, systems for the chemical and microbial screening in food, bio-indicators for sterilization process control systems.

Microgen Bioproducts Ltd, UK

Part of Lab21 group of companies, Microgen Biochemical ID Kit : MicrogenGN ID, Listeria ID , Strep ID , Staph ID , Bacillus ID .
Rapid latex agglutination / Dipsticks :

  • Rotavirus, Adenovirus, Norovirus, etc.
  • Instrument : Microgen Atmosphere System (MAS)  preparing defined atmosphere for incubation and storage of bacteriological cultures.

S&A Reagents Lab Ltd, Thailand

  • Serotyping antisera : Salmonella, Shigella, E.coli, V.cholerae, etc.
  • Widal’s and Weil Felix’s antigen : S.typhi, S.paratyphi, Proteus

Plasmatec Laboratory Products Ltd, UK

  • Part of Lab21 group of companies, Blood grouping reagents : Anti A, Anti B, Anti AB, Anti D, RH, LISS, etc.
  • Rare blood group reagent :  Anti C, Anti c, Anti E, Anti e, Anti CDE, Anti A1, etc.
  • Latex Agglutination : RF, ASO, CRP, Infectious Mononucleosis, Strep Group , etc.
  • Syphilis screening : RPR, VDRL, TPHA etc
  • Febrile Antigen : S.typhi, S.paratyphi, Proteus, etc.

Pro-Lab Diagnostics Inc. Canada

  • Blue Latex Agglutination : Strep group, Staph, E.coli, etc.
  • Microbank™ Bacterial and Fungal Preservation System
  • Mucolyse Sputum Digestant
  • EnviroBead™ Autoclave Deodorants
  • McFarland Standards
  • Pro-Loops™ Inoculation Loops and Holders

Diagnostic Hybrids Inc. USA

A subsidiary of Quidel Corporation, USA

  • DFA Kit : Respiratory Family Testing Kit, Herpes Family Testing, C.difficile Testing, Chlamydia Testing,
  • IFA Kit : Enterovirus Testing
  • ReadyCells line : R-Mix, R-Mix Too, Hs27, Super E-Mix, etc.
  • Concentrated Cell line
  • Thyretain Thyroid Testing Solution
  • Point of Care : QuickVue Testing

Oxford Immunotec Ltd, UK

  • T-Spot TB Assay.

Cellabs Pty Ltd, Australia

  • IF Kit : PCP, C.trachomatic, C. pneumonia, Crypto/Giadia, Giadia etc
  • Elisa Kit : T.cruzi, Giadia, Toxocara, Malaria, Entamoeba, Pan Malaria, Filariasis, etc.
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Tulip Diagnostics (P) Ltd, India

• ABO grouping, Matrix™ Gel System, Gel Card,
• Qualpro Diagnostics Qualisa Malaria Elisa


  • Nasopharyngeal Flocked Swab, Dacron Swab, UTM.

Vircell S.L, Spain

Elisa kit – HSV, Chlamydia, Mumps, Measles, Toxo, Coxiella, EBV, Mycoplasma, etc.