Clinical Diagnostics Division

The Binding Site Group Ltd, UK

Special Protein Assay : Freelite Assay, Hevylite Assay, IgG, IgA, IgM, C3, C4, etc

Instrument : SPAPlus , MininephPlus, etc.


Diagnostic instruments:

  • Elisa Reader, Elisa Washer

ACON Laboratories, Inc, USA

Instruments: Mission U500 / U120 Urinalysis Analyzer, Hb Meter, Cholesterol Meter, Glucose Meter, etc. Urinalysis strips, Diabetic care, Clinical chemistry, etc.

Esco Micro Pte Ltd, Singapore

Biosafety Cabinet Class 2, Laminar Flow Cabinet, Fume hood, etc.

APEL Co., Ltd, Japan

Bilirubin Meter, Spectrophotometer, Colorimeter, Haemoglobin meter, etc.

Lutron, Taiwan

pH meter, conductivity meter, digital caliper, torque meter, etc.


Escort iLog Logger, Mini Intelligent Logger, etc.

Custom Titles are Easy

PRESVAC S.R.L., Argentina

Blood banks instruments.

  • Plasma Thawer, Platelete Agitator, centrifuge, etc.

Dynex Technologies, USA

Fully automatic Elisa Workstation. DSX & DS2 workstation

Vital Diagnostics, Italy

ESR Analyzer, ESR Tube, ESR QC material, etc



Tharmac Cyto

Tharmac is an experienced and innovative company operating the area of clinical technology, who focusing on cytology. Made in Germany. Product include cytocentrifuge, autostainer and etc.

Magnus Analytics, India

World Class Microscopes

  • Biological Microscopes - For laboratory & research applications
  • Infinity Plan Microscopes - For research applications
  • LED Microscopes - Longlife high brightness LED light source – the light of the future
  • Freedom Microscopes - Longlife LED with battery back-ups for Field Applications
  • Stereo Microscopes -For medical & hygienic applications, inspections of gems, electronic components & precision machinery components
  • Inverted Microscopes -For tissue culture applications
  • Micro Image Projection System -For educational applications
  • Microscope Adapters For Digital Imaging - For educational & research applications
  • Magnus-Pro Image Analysis Software - For arranging and measuring captured images, creating databases and preparing reports for educational & research applications

Digisystem Laboratory

Product lines include Centrifuge, Rotator, Shaker, Mixer, Dry Bath, Water Bath, Orbital Shaking Water Bath, Boiling Sterilizer, Hot Air Oven, Incubator, Differential Cell Counter, OPTIMA® Biological Microscope, Stereo Microscope, Microscope Adapter and Accessory, Cold Light Source.